Graco Extend2fit 3 In 1 Convertible Car Seat Reviews

Graco Extend2fit 3 In 1: Numerous families start with an infant vehicle seat like the Graco SnugRide and graduate to a convertible vehicle seat like this one around one year. (You can likewise begin with the convertible vehicle seat and skirt the infant one by and large. Settle on an informed decision.)

At the point when the American Academy of Pediatrics suggested back-facing seats until two years old, a few guardians jeered that their child’s little legs basically wouldn’t fit in the vehicle seat. Graco introduced the Graco Extend2fit 3 In 1 that gives those little kickers an additional five inches of the room with extendable leg rest. Truth be told with a 50-lb weight limit, your kid could easily remain back facing until three years of age. Light vehicle families observe: this leg rest implies the vehicle seat will occupy more room, and the front seat traveler may need to scrunch. Consequently, it’s a superior alternative for minivans and other bigger vehicles. The seat changes over to a front oriented seat that can utilize until your youngster is 65 lbs or 49″. (At that point they can begin using a risqué supporter seat.)Graco Extend2fit 3 In 1

Installation of the Graco Extend2Fit 3 in 1 is quite straight forward with the seat’s LATCH stays, and it has an air pocket indicator to appear if it installed in the right level position. The no-rethread movable tackle is incredibly easy to utilize and had ten situations to develop with the child. The car seat spread is difficult to expel and wash when it gets messy, and the seat accompanies two cup holders.

Graco Extend2fit 3 In 1 Car Seat


Youngsters are more secure riding back facing and should ride again, facing the extent that this would be possible until they arrive at the most extreme back facing stature or weight rating for their vehicle seat. Graco Extend2Fit 3 In 1 Car Seat includes a 4-position augmentation board that gives up to 5″ of additional back facing legroom allowing your kid to ride securely raise facing longer. The flexible augmentation board and 50 lb back facing weight limit permit the seat to develop with your kid in again meeting mode, providing broadened back facing use. This seat offers three methods of utilization to grow with your kid as they prepared to progress – from back-facing tackle (4-50 lb), to front oriented (22-65 lb) and to highback sponsor (40-100 lb). The Best Graco Car Seats includes Simply Safe™ Adjust, which permits you to change the tallness of the harness and headrest as your youngster develops and InRight™ LATCH for a one-second LATCH connection. Harnessing is made simpler with Fuss Free saddle stockpiling pockets that advantageously hold the tackle off the beaten path while getting the child in and out of the vehicle seat.Graco Extend2Fit Best Convertible Car Seats

Graco Extend2fit 3 In 1 Convertible Car Seat Installation

Most guardians discovered the LATCH installation simple. The InRight LATCH framework permits you to snap the ties onto the vehicle’s stays handily and discharges with a press of a catch.

Note that LATCH must utilize something like 45 pounds on this vehicle seat. In this way, if you need to keep your youngster back facing past 45 pounds, you’ll have to utilize the safety belt and tie.

There are a couple of things to observe when you’re using the seat in back facing or potentially front aligned mode:

  1. To utilize the foot extender in back facing mode, you can hurry the base out. Fortunately, there are blue and orange stickers on the bottom to indicate where that is.
  2. In front oriented, the groin tie should be in the forward-most position, you can’t utilize the leg augmentation, and you can’t use the outfit covers.

Safety belt installation back facing is the place you may battle. The beltway is littler than it is in the front oriented position, so threading it very well may be challenging. When you have that done, tightening the saddle could be challenging with the one-pull tightener. The chest cut is somewhat inconvenient as well.

We enthusiastically suggest watching installation recordings and checking in with a vehicle seat expert, police headquarters, or local group of fire-fighters so they can affirm if your seat is secure.

Graco Extend2fit 3 In 1 Car Seat Safety

Vehicle seat security is our primary need as guardians. Graco utilizes propelled side effect assurance, called TrueShield Technology, which is steel reinforced for most extreme strength and empowers the multi-year termination date. Likewise, the seat is side effect tried and satisfies vehicle seat guidelines 2x over. Best Graco Car Seat also does testing of its places at extraordinary vehicle interior temperatures. While this isn’t generally an issue in our general vicinity, it is ideal to realize they are covering all the bases with their wellbeing testing.

Graco Extend2fit 3 In 1 Car Seat

  • 4-position leg augmentation for back-facing solace
  • 10-position headrest with no re-string tackle
  • Steel-reinforced edge
  • Push-on LATCH connectors
  • Easy install in both back facing and front aligned positions
  • Lacks a lock-off gadget for installations with safety belt
  • Tightening the tackle isn’t as smooth and straightforward as some other Graco convertibles


In a car seat universe increasingly dominated by All-In-One car seats, the standard Graco Extend2Fit 3 in 1 is an incredible convertible car seat that is additionally a gigantic worth when on special. Not surprisingly, it is one of our 2020 Editors’ Picks Recommended Carseats.

I am much obliged to you to Graco for providing the Graco Extend2Fit utilized for this survey. All opinions communicated are those of Car seat Blogs.